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Faculty Development: Syllabus Creation

Professional Development for Teaching and Learning


A new suite of pages with up-to-date resources, templates, demos, and guides for instructors and faculty is coming soon! 

The new Center for Teaching Excellence, located in Room 203 of the Wells Campus main building, is slowly but surely compiling materials to help instructors and faculty create, manage, and self-assess their courses. The new pages will be available before the Spring '24 Term ends. In the meantime, here are accurate materials related to this page: 


Creating a Learning-Centered Syllabus

The first step in creating a learning-centered syllabus is to provide in writing all of the information that a student will need in order to be successful in your course.  It not only contains policies and expectations, but also serves as a “roadmap” or “how to guide” for optimal learning in your classroom.  
 Consider the following questions as you develop your syllabus:

  • Does my syllabus provide students with the information that they need to succeed in my course?
  • Do I encourage students to take personal responsibility for their learning?
  • Does my syllabus communicate key assignments and due dates allowing students to plan their learning effectively?
  • Does my syllabus provide clear learning outcomes while communicating high expectations for learning?
  • Are there sections in the sample syllabi that will work well for my course?