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Faculty Development: Syllabus Creation

Professional Development for Teaching and Learning

Creating a Learning-Centered Syllabus

The first step in creating a learning-centered syllabus is to provide in writing all of the information that a student will need in order to be successful in your course.  It not only contains policies and expectations, but also serves as a “roadmap” or “how to guide” for optimal learning in your classroom.  
 Consider the following questions as you develop your syllabus:

  • Does my syllabus provide students with the information that they need to succeed in my course?
  • Do I encourage students to take personal responsibility for their learning?
  • Does my syllabus communicate key assignments and due dates allowing students to plan their learning effectively?
  • Does my syllabus provide clear learning outcomes while communicating high expectations for learning?
  • Are there sections in the sample syllabi that will work well for my course?