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The Testing Center @ YCCC: Home

Providing testing accommodations for Student Disability Services

The Testing Center

The Testing Center at York County Community College

Providing testing accommodations for Student Disability Services

Testing Hours

Fall 2018

Monday - Thursday 
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Contact the Testing Center

The Testing Center
Pratt & Whitney Building
Room D108 

Cindy Ambrogne-O'Toole

Coordinator of Student Disability Services
Pratt & Whitney Building - Room D108
(207) 216-4412

For Testing Accommodations

If a student has requested, and is eligible for, extended time on tests and quizzes and/or testing in a quiet, distraction-reduced environment, they will have access to the Testing Center. 

Students must sign up for a testing time; there are no walk-in appointments.

For Make-Up testing

The Testing Center handles only tests which require an accomodation, as mentioned above.  Students needing a space for make-up testing will need to make arrangements for another space in which to take their test.  See below about alternative testing spaces. 

Alternative Testing Spaces

If student and instructor can agree on an alternative arrangement to the Testing Center, that is fine, as long as the student's confidentiality and accommodation needs are being met. 

Students needing a space for testing can book a study room in the Library using the Dibs! reservation tool. Use of the study rooms is subject to availability, and students will be responsible for the coordination of taking and submitting their unmonitored test with their instructor.  Neither the Library nor the Learning Center will handle tests.