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Mark Monnin - Faculty, Computer Science and Information Technology: Home

General Information

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  Office: B212
  Phone: (207) 216-4368
  Email: mmonnin (at)


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By Appointment, just email me!!!


About Me

 I started teaching Computer Science and Information Technology at YCCC in 2008, back when the only degree in the CS & IT field offered at YCCC was called "Computer Technology." Now we have a number of degrees and certificates available - wow what a difference a few years makes!

I got interested in computers (my first computer was an Apple ][ plus) when I was in junior high school because I found it fun and challenging. I still find it fun and challenging today. Some of my technical interests include networks, network management, programming (especially low-level programming), and operating systems.

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Finding My Office

From Off-Campus:

Currently YCCC only has one building, so driving to campus is sufficient to find "my" building: 112 College Drive, Wells Maine 04090.   Additionally, there are no parking passes at YCCC, so just use the parking lot that is in front of the building.

From On-Campus:

My office is B212.   It is in the B wing of the building, and on the second floor.   B212 is in a small hallway adjacent to the south stairwell.   You can get to the second floor via the elevator (across and to the right of the central building entrance), or use one of the various stairwells.    If you are leaving the elevator, B212 would at the far left end of the building.

Map to my office

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