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Writing Resources: 6. Editing

Documents, tutorials, and links to helpful guides for every phase of the writing process


Editing is not just about fixing spelling errors and commas. Editing should start with checking your thesis and topic sentences, since they are the most important in your essay. Next you might check your introduction to be sure it grabs reader attention and explains why readers should care about this subject.

Sentence-level editing should happen last, when you are sure your ideas are all in place. Even if you are not a grammar expert, there are some tips you may use to prevent errors, such as shortening your sentences into more simple constructions. The resources here will help with global and local editing concerns.

Editing: A Global to Local Approach

Editing may seem like a large task to a beginning writer. Follow the powerpoint below to understand which sentences you should edit first, and learn some shortcuts to improving your essay, using a four-step process:

1. Check your thesis

2. Improve your topic sentences

3. Craft a great introduction

4. Edit for sentences, word choice, and punctuation