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Veterinary Technology (Julie's original version): Audiovisual Materials

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DVD Resources

  • Animal Care Training Programs (Small Animal)
    SF 56.3 .A55 2002
    v.1 Vet Foundations: safety, preventive health, pharmacy, nutrition, breed identification
    v.2 Kennel Asst. Trng: bathing; grooming; animal handling; flea & tick control, hospitalized patient
    v.3 Receptionist Trng.
    v.4 Vet Asst. Trng Pt. 1: lab skills 1; dentistry; radiology; surgical assisting; anesthesia; animal behavior
    v.5 Vet Asst. Trng Pt. 2: lab skills 2; wound care/bandaging; emergency care; exotics, canine behavior/posture, healthy dog
  • Animal Care Training Programs - continued (Small Animal)
    SF 56.3 .A55 2002
    v.6 Technician Skills: canine blood collection; feline blood collection; IV catheter replacement; IV fluid therapy: subcutaneous fluid therapy; tracheal intubation; suppl. oxygen; electrocardiogram evaluation; blood pressure monitoring; male urinary catheters; female urinary catheters
    v.7 Management Training: inventory control; staff management
    v.8 ACT Workbooks on CD-ROM
  • Large Animal Staff Training
    SF 745 .L37 2008
    > Horses
    v.1 Husbandry; Restraint & Handling
    v.2 Physical Exam Pt. 1
    v.3 Physical Exam Pt. 2; Lameness, Exam of Hoof
    v.4 Administration of Medications
    v.5 Intravenous Technique; Imaging
    v.6 Dentistry; Breeding; Castration
    > Cattle
    v.7 Dairy cattle
    v.8 Calves
  • Surgical Assisting
    SF 991 .S96 2001
  • Breed Identification Series (AKC)
    SF 429 .B74 1993
    v.1 Sporting Group
    v.2 Hound Group
    v.3 Working Group
    v.4 Terrier Group
    v.5 Toy Group
    v.6 Non-Sporting Group
    v.7 Herding Group
  • Your New Dog & You: a beginner's guide to dog care & training (AKC)
    SF 431 .Y68 2003

Animal Tracks

A weekly podcast from "from some of the leading veterinary experts in the United States."

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) Video

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