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Internships: Academic Internships

Internship Overview

An academic internship is a curriculum-based practical work experience in a particular field of study that enhances student learning, and for which a matriculated student is enrolled for college credit. It is a form of sponsored experiential education guided by learning objectives and supervised by a YCCC faculty sponsor from the chosen field and a qualified site supervisor in partnership with an approved work site.     

We currently offer internships in the following areas of study:         

Accounting Digital Media
Architecture Hospitality & Tourism
Business Administration Museum Internship
Computer Aided Design Political Science
Computer Technology Precision Machining Technology
Criminal Justice Psychology & Advanced Psychology
Culinary Arts Writing/Communications



  • Academic internships at YCCC are semester experiences that require at least 135 work-site hours of experiential learning for a 3 credit internship.  Credits are earned through a combination of the work-site hours/experiences and academic work assigned.

  • If a student wishes to participate in an internship with an organization they are already affiliated with, the internship must be a substantially different experience with significantly different duties than would have been part of the original duties/responsibilities.
  • Students may be paid for an internship experience if the work site provides this benefit. 
  • The student cannot designate a family member as a site supervisor nor can the faculty sponsor and site supervisor be the same person.
  • Students will be charged tuition based on the number of registered credits; no course fees will be assessed.
  • Credit for internship experience will not be given retroactively. 
  • Internships are graded as either Pass/Fail or A through F, depending on how the course has been approved by YCCC’s Curriculum Committee. Grading information for the course can be found in the course description or by inquiring with the appropriate department prior to registration.
  • Prerequisites for internships will at a minimum include a cumulative GPA of 3.0, with at least 30 credits earned in the program of study and permission of the Academic Dean.  The prerequisites for each program of study may include more rigorous or additional requirements, students must meet the prerequisites for their program of study.
  • Students must be matriculated into a degree program.
  • Payment and registration for credit internships follow YCCC policies and procedures outlined in the Catalog.
  • YCCC does not offer international internships. 


For questions regarding our internship policy, contact the Academic Dean.