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Internships: Faculty Sponsors

Faculty Responsibilities

Thank you for your willingness to oversee a student intern and develop campus/industry relationships.  An internship provides a student with practical learning experiences that supplement the instruction you are providing in the classroom, producing more competitive and employable graduates.  Not only does this experience validate the college's curriculum in a work environment, but it connects you to current trends within your professional field. 


Faculty Sponsors will:

  • Ensure both the quality of the learning experience and evaluate the academic work produced. 
  • Establish work site goals in collaboration with the site supervisor.
  • Establish assignments to encourage the student to think critically, apply previous learning, practice decision-making skills, and actively reflect on what is being learned through the experience. 

  • Foster a relationship with the company/organization and site supervisor to improve the faculty sponsor’s and site supervisor’s understanding of the educational and work site goals. 
  • Utilize the feedback from the site supervisor in making an overall assessment.
  • Ensure that all required paperwork is completed and filed in Academic Affairs.
 Internship Deadlines:

Registration begins*

April 1 April 1 November 1

New site locations have been evaluated/approved

May 1 July 1 December 1

All placements must be in process for courses to remain on the schedule

May 15 July 15 December 15

Completed Academic Contracts submitted to Academic Affairs

1st week of summer term 1st week of fall term 1st week of spring term

Provide feedback, suitability of site for future placements

End of term End of term End of term


* Signed copies of the Cooperative Agreement and Student Release must be on file in order for the student to register.