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Prior Learning Portfolio: Self-Assessment

PLA Self-Assessment

By completing this self-assessment, you will be able to determine if the Portfolio Development process at YCCC is right for you.

Step 1:  Identify areas of college-level knowledge and skills by making a list of the following:

  • Any part or full-time position you have held
  • Any volunteer work you have done
  • Any hobbies or skills you possess
  • Any trainings or conferences you have completed
  • Any certifications you hold
  • Any groups or organizations you belong to

Step 2:  Locate subject areas that match your prior learning experiences.

For example, if you have served as the treasurer for your club or organization, you may have college-level learning in accounting, finance, or business-related courses.  Using the YCCC Course Catalog, you can search for course descriptions that match your learning experiences.

Step 3:  Ask yourself the following questions: 

Is my knowledge in the subject area equivalent to a college-level course?

The burden of proof is on you to provide documentation that shows you have a full understanding of the course for which you are requesting credit. Your prior learning must match up exactly to the knowledge gained by taking the class.  You may request a copy of the course syllabus to make this determination.

Do I have the time and motivation required to compile a thorough Portfolio?

You will likely have a full binder for each class in which you are seeking credit.  Although it will include certifications, samples of work, resume highlights, and other verifiable documents that prove your expertise, the bulk of the work will be in writing proof statements on how you have met the objectives of the course.  The entire process can take as much as 30-40 hours.

Will the credits I am seeking be used only toward my YCCC degree?

Portfolio credits you receive from YCCC are transferrable to all Maine Community College System  campuses, but may not be taken as transfer credits if you move on to another four year college or university. Your next college may require you to make-up these credits with other classes.  Also make sure that the course(s) you have selected for PLA will apply towards your YCCC degree before you begin the portfolio process.

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, you are likely a good candidate for the Portfolio Development process!