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Meet the SSC Team!: Karissa Cole

Through these pages you can get to know the various Student Success Commons team members who are here to help you throughout your time at YCCC.


Hello. It seems you've found me.

Right so I came to YCCC in 2009 for graphic design and started working as a math tutor for the school in 2011. Ironically, I hated math at first and had to take two remedial courses before I could qualify for college level classes (which is when I was asked to be a tutor). Safe to say 2009 me would not have expected 2024 me to love math. At all.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. My world gets a little bigger whenever I deepen my understanding of something and I love seeing that happen to the students I work with. I'm also a firm believer in making learning fun, and encourage looking at the bigger picture.

I love my cats, sci-fi, sleeping, and being creative.

I'm on the autism spectrum and contend with severe bouts of anxiety, which I'm mentioning here so that anyone in a similar situation knows they're not alone by any means. If you want to have a fidget or plushie with you while working on math, if you have a hard time speaking your mind and would rather write down questions, if you need earplugs or headphones to help keep you calm, or anything like that I'm all for it. The math section of the SSC is a safe zone where the number one priority is respect for all. (The second priority is probably a tie between stickers and successful learning.)

I invite everyone I work with to see the best in situations whenever possible, to ask questions, and to just be who you are.



I don't think my many medical oddities count as fun facts. Same goes for the fact that I can expertly fold a fitted sheet in under 30 seconds. When I write with my non dominant hand it naturally comes out mirrored. Is that fun?




I specialize as a MAT tutor: algebra, statistics, trigonometry, etc. I am also able to offer support to students learning physics, HTML, CSS, and Microsoft Office applications. I can also provide math jokes upon request.

In addition to tutoring, I am able to put my graphic design degree to good use by creating content for the Student Success Commons.

York County Community College
112 College Drive
Well, ME 04090





Student Success Commons at York County Community College

112 College Drive Wells, ME 04090


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