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The Student Success Commons at York County Community College: TEAS: Reading

TEAS: Reading

Reading Section Basics:

45 Items (6 unscored)
55 Minute time limit

Questions may involve:

■ Summarizing a multi-paragraph text
■ Making inferences and drawing conclusions about a text's purpose and meaning, and using context to interpret the meaning of words and phrases
■ Demonstrating comprehension of written directions
■ Locating specific information in a text
■ Analyzing, interpreting, and applying information from charts, graphs, and other visuals
■ Interpreting events in a sequence
■ Distinguishing between fact and opinion
■ Evaluating an author’s purpose or point of view in a given text
■ Using evidence from a text to make inferences and to draw conclusions
■ Comparing and contrasting the themes expressed in one or more texts




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