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The Student Success Commons at York County Community College: TEAS: Science

TEAS: Science

Science Section Basics:

50 Items (6 unscored)
60 Minute time limit

You may need to:

■ Demonstrate knowledge of the general orientation of human anatomy
■ Describe the anatomy and physiology of the following systems:

○ Respiratory system
○ Cardiovascular system
○ Digestive system
○ Nervous system
○ Muscular system
○ Male and female reproductive systems
○ Integumentary system
○ Endocrine system
○ Urinary system
○ Immune system
○ Skeletal system

■ Describe cell structure, function, and organization
■ Describe the relationship between genetic material and the structure of proteins
■ Apply concepts underlying Mendel’s laws of inheritance
■ Describe the structure and function of the basic macromolecules in a biological system
■ Describe the role of microorganisms in disease
■ Recognize basic atomic structure
■ Know the physical properties and changes of matter
■ Describe chemical reactions
■ Demonstrate how conditions affect chemical reactions
■ Understand properties of solutions
■ Describe concepts of acids and bases
■ Use basic scientific measurements and tools
■ Apply logic and evidence to a scientific explanation
■ Predict relationships among events, objects, and processes
■ Apply the scientific method to interpret a scientific investigation




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